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      Marine & Winemaker use Honor Wine to help veterans heal

      CNN -- T his Memorial Day, Americans across the country are finding ways to honor those who served in our armed forces. This veteran found comfort and healing on his road to recovery through a unique friendship and a shared love of wine.

      Behind every good bottle of wine is a great story. And behind every Marine is an even better one.

      This story starts with two strangers, Cpl. Christian Brown and David Keuhner -- a Marine and a winemaker.

      Keuhner puts a pair of boots on every bottle of Honor Wine.

      "It's a wine that has a soul; it has a purpose," Kuehner said.

      Its purpose is to help those who serve whether it's being auctioned off to pay for their physical care, donating proceeds to veterans and their families, or healing emotional wounds.

      Cpl. Brown lost both legs when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011.

      Just days earlier, he pulled fellow Marine Lance Cpl. Jacob Levy to safety after he'd been shot. Levy didn't survive, but this heroic act is what connected Cpl. Brown and Keuhner.

      This video explains how their connection began and where they're going.

      The question is, what do they toast to? They toast to tomorrow.