Man's prayers to help heal others answered in unusual way

Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's that religious feeling that comes with Christmas, but this story could easily be classified as a holiday miracle.

One man literally willing to give of himself, in this case, a donated organ, to save his fellow man. And everyone involved is amazed at how everything came together.

The focus of this story begins with David Harrison.

"Just sit back and look at the's unbelievable."

Yes, David Harrison, it is unbelievable. So everyone sit back and listen to this tale of a Christmas Miracle.

David has poly-cystic kidney disease. His kidneys grow cysts and had become so big, about eight pounds each, they had to be removed, leaving him and his family facing dialysis until he could find a viable donor.

And here's where one might argue that the miracle starts.

A friend and co-worker at Zachary Engineering, Luke Whaley...asked him what was wrong after seeing him looking poorly.

David explained he needed a kidney by a deceased donor or a live one. At that moment, Luke realized he was being called upon after praying a couple years ago for the chance to help heal others.

"It was a split second decision, no voices, I felt it deep. Never regretted it, no fear about it , I"m under God's protection," answered Luke.

"Without skipping a beat, he said, 'I'll give you one of mine," recalled David. "So he filled out the paperwork, and we got the okay for the surgery."

Even with the odds of being a match against them, Luke was the only person ever tested for compatibility.

But he was the only one who needed to be tested. Turns out, Luke was a perfect match.

"Looking at the billions of circumstances to brings to where we knew each other, work together...and that he would be a match," David said.

For David's daughter Sarah, it really is an answered Christmas prayer.

"It might not be a big deal to him (Luke), but he's helping my dad and I get my dad back," fighting back the tears of joy.

"I'm just spare parts, but I love being in the Lord's garage."

This time of year, we can all get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season... the shopping, the parties, and we sometimes push the miracle of the holiday into the background. Maybe Luke's gesture is a gentle reminder of the spirit of Christmas.

"Just say yes, stop giving God orders and report for duty, he'll take care of the rest."

A miraculous sentiment echoed by David.

"It's been God's plan all along."

In the Christmas and Panhandle spirit, and in the words of Tiny Tim in the Christmas Story, "God bless us, every one."