Man steals car with 6-year-old inside

A 24-year-old man was arrested by Amarillo Police Department officers after officers received reports of a stolen vehicle.

APD officers responded to a stolen vehicle report Friday November 29, 2013 in the 1800 block of south Bell. Officers were told that the vehicle had a 6-year-old child asleep in the backseat of the turquoise Pontiac Grand Prix. According to police, the driver of the vehicle left the vehicle running as she ran inside of a store to make a quick purchase, leaving the child asleep inside the vehicle. When the driver exited the store she saw her car exiting the parking lot.

As officers arrived on the scene, they were advised that the vehicle had been located in the 1500 block of south Bell. Officers went to the location and found the driver of the vehicle and 24-year-old Joshua Anthony Polley in the passenger seat of the vehicle. According to the owner of the vehicle, she was approached by Polley who informed her that he had found her car and took her to the location of her vehicle.

Officers investigated the incident and obtained surveillance video and found the suspect who took the vehicle matched Polley's description. During questioning Polley was unable to provide officers with details as to how he found the vehicle, how he knew the vehicle was stolen and where to find the owner. Polley was booked into the Potter County Correction Center for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.