Man Says He Witnessed Abuse at Animal Control

Today, the city of Amarillo has confirmed that they are investigating animal control following allegations of putting down animals improperly.

Pronews 7 was contacted by someone who says they witnessed improper euthanasia at animal control as far back as 2002, after watching the video that we received a video from a whistleblower of an animal being put down at Amarilloâ??s animal control.

A whistleblower gave a video to Pronews 7 today. In the video, a dog is brought into what appears to be an open loading dock area, and administered a lethal injection while apparently still being conscious. This is in violation of Texas' code of standards for permitted methods of euthanasia. It says the intra-organ injection shall not be used unless the animal is unconscious or anesthetized so that the animal is unable to feel pain.

A local veterinarian viewed this video and she says humane standards were not met when the dog was euthanized before being dragged to a truck.

â??I saw a dog being euthanized that was not in accordance to what i would call humane euthanasia standards put out by the American Veterinary Association or the Texas Administrative Code,â?? said Dr. Sarah Viera, from the Hope Veterinary Clinic.

After watching Pronews 7's 6 oâ??clock newscast, viewer Daniel Osborn contacted the station, and he says that the animals were mistreated as far back as 2002.

â??Whenever theyâ??d euthanize them, theyâ??re grab them by the scruff of their neck and skid them across the floor, kick them in the rear end and they'd just laugh about it the time they were doing it,â?? said Daniel Osborn, who witnessed the euthanasia.

Pronews 7 spoke with the Randall county District Attorney and he told us how they may be looking into animal control as well.

â??We have been conducting an investigation,â?? said James Farren, the District Attorney of Randall County. â??Likely at some point, we'll ask a grand jury to take a look at what we have and then decide whether or not there are any criminal offenses to justify that charge.â??

It was Monday, that Pronews 7 first told you the Animal Control Director, Mike McGee and Assistant Director, Shannon Barlow, were placed on administrative leave. The city says that leave is pending the outcome of the investigation. Once the investigation is complete the city will conduct an employee review. Scott McDonald with the city is the interim director.

This video is bound to cause more controversy. Tune into Pronews 7 and go to to keep track of this developing story.