Man killed after killing grandmother and abducting girl

A rea law enforcement officers say they still have no idea what was behind Tuesday night's crime spree that included three kidnapping attempts and one murder.

This all happened in a short time period, reportedly by one man who was eventually shot and killed.

Law enforcement says this is one of the strangest crimes they've ever worked, and they say they may never know what prompted the suspect to carry out his plans.

It all began just before nine at a convenience store at 34th and Coulter. A 31-year-old woman was approached as she was putting air in her tires. The man believed to be 58-year0old Gary Don Carner of Amarillo, put a gun to her neck and tried to kidnap her. The victim got away and the suspect drove off in a 4-door white pickup.

Ten minutes later at the Loves between Amarillo and Bushland the same suspect reportedly approached one of three grandchildren. The grandmother, 63-year-old Sharrel Blankenbaker of Felt, Oklahoma, intervened after he followed them in the store. She was shot and killed.

"The grandmother at Love's is nothing but a hero. When you step in front of your kids, or grandkids like that, and any of you with kids would do the same thing...and that's what she did. It's a tragedy that's what happened to her," said Potter County Sheriff, Brian Thomas.

About 9:20, a 911 call was made saying two girls were approached by a man fitting Carner's description. One girl ran away while the other was forced into the pickup at gunpoint.

At 9:24, Potter County deputies spotted a white pickup matching Carner's. As a patrol car passed, the young girl jumped out of the pickup at Jim Line Road north of the Bushland High School.

The suspect reportedly got out and started shooting. A Potter County deputy fired back killing the suspect.

"I can't tell you why... I wish I could. I really do, I wish I could tell you why. It might help answer some questions not only for us, but the family. But there's no indication of we are as baffled as everybody else," said Thomas.

Amarillo Special Crimes is handling the investigation and will turn over all it's findings to a grand jury.

The deputy involved in the shooting is under the department's normal three day administrative leave after a shooting.