Man dies while in police custody

Suspect died while in police custody

UPDATE: 6/12/14: Preliminary autopsy results indicate Jeremiah Farris died from complications from methamphetamine ingestion.

UPDATE: The name of the suspect that died while in police custody is Jeremiah Farris.

A man is dead following a series of early morning police chases on the northeast side of Amarillo.

Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle about 15th and S. Harrison. A chase ensued but was called off for safety concerns. The pursuit continued later after the suspect vehicle was spotted nearby. That chase was called off again for safety issues.

The suspect was later found and a third chase, this time on foot, ensued. Eventually the suspect gave up and was taken into custody near Amarillo Boulevard and north Harrison.

Paramedics on scene began examining the suspect who appeared to be having some medical issues.

The man became unresponsive and paramedics attempted to revive the suspect.

He later died in police custody according to Lt. Erik Bohannon.

Amarillo Special Crimes unit was called to the scene and began an investigaton.

Bohannon said that an autopsy has been ordered and the body has been take to Lubbock.