Man credits son with saving life

The Amarillo Police Department said they have no leads or suspects in connection with a hit and run accident Christmas Eve morning at Interstate 27 and Washington.ã??

Gary Cantrell was released from Northwest Texas Healthcare System Thursday.ã??

Cantrell said he and his son Matthew were delivering chips to restaurants about 6 a.m. Monday morning when he noticed a box of chips had flown out of the pickup and onto the E-Way. They returned to clean up the mess. While clearing the road, Cantrell was hit by a vehicle.ã??

Cantrell said he doesnâ??t remember what happened, but his son reacted quickly when Cantrell was hit by a pickup without headlights.ã??

Matthew Cantrell said the mirror of the pickup struck his father and the tires rolled over his leg. Matthew pulled off his shirt to stop the bleeding from his fatherâ??s head and called 911.ã??

His father creditâ??s Matthews quick thinking with saving his life. Cantrell suffered a broken hand, a broken ankle and a shattered knee.ã??

Matthew describes the vehicle as a Ford F-150 with an extended cab. An account has been set up at Amarillo National Bank for Gary Cantrell. That account is open for donation and the number is 50461632.