Man arrested for stabbing 2 coworkers

On March 29, 2013 at approximately 11:09 p.m. Amarillo Police officers responded to the 6800 block of west Interstate 40 on a reported stabbing.

According to a news release from Amarillo Police Department, officers found several people including two injured men on the side of the motel.

31-year-old Ricky Moore and 32-year-old Charles Rhodes suffered severe lacerations to their bodies. The man responsible for stabbing Charles and Moore fled the scene. Moore and Charles were transported to the hospital with severe but non life-threatening injuries.

Amarillo police later found the suspect responsible for stabbing Moore and Charles in an alley near the motel. 33-year-old Khalil Sameer Strong was arrested and booked into the Pottery County Detention Center for two counts of aggravated assualt.

Upon investigation police discovered that the stabbing was the result of a dispute between the men. Strong and Moore were arguing when Strong took out a knife and cut Moore's face. Rhodes stepped in to break up the fight when he was cut on the arm.

Amarillo Police Department is investigating the case and at this time the knife used has not been recovered.