Man arrested for running over and killing woman

Gabriel Albert Guttierrez, arrested and booked into Randall Co. Jail, he faces intoxicated manslaughter charges.

A n Amarillo woman was killed this weekend after she was run over by a vehicle.

Around 1:40 Saturday morning officers were called to the Whiskey River bar. When they arrived they found that, 30-year-old Josephine Arias Johnson had been run over in the roadway of the 4000 block of W. 51st. Johnson was hit by a white Dodge Durango that fled the scene.

Three other people were also hit by the vehicle, they were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

Witnesses followed the Durango and called in a description of the vehicle and gave directions the SUV was taking.

Officers caught up with the SUV in the 2000 block of Paramount. The suspect was taken back to the scene and identified by witnesses as the driver.

Gabriel Albert Guttierrez, 27, was booked into the Randall County Jail for Intoxicated Manslaughter, 3 counts of Intoxicated Assault, and Accident causing injury or death.

The case remains under investigation.