Make-A-Wish helps local family

Draven Morphis is six years old today (Oct. 5), and his family celebrated his birthday in their back yard with a brand-new, custom-built playset thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Make-A-Wish heard the family's appeal and granted Draven's wish within months, and on Thursday (Oct. 3), the Morphis's back yard had been transformed into a child's wonderland.

"It's easy on the parent, and the reward is with Draven - he's so excited," says Melissa Morphis, Draven's adoptive mother. "His eyes, when he first saw it, he was like, 'There's a park in our back yard,' he was so excited."

Draven has cerebral palsy, and his own natural limitations make many things much more difficult and frequently impossible for him. And his parents say seeing their child happy gives them the greatest joy.

"It's awesome, because you see so many things he wants to do, but he can't, and to finally get something where he's safe on it, and he can do it, and he's not afraid of it, it's just totally cool," says Chad Morphis, Draven's adoptive dad.

"It made me cry, because ... there's my son that wasn't supposed to walk or talk on that swing, and there's no way we could ever afford something like this for him," says Melissa, because we do have four children, and he has special needs, and there's lots of doctors and things that come first. And so this is just a wonderful thing for him, and the whole family, and the whole neighborhood."

Next Saturday, the local branch of Make-A-Wish will hold the Shooting Stars Challenge, a trapshooting competition to raise funds for and awareness of the foundation's continuing mission of bringing joy to those children that most need it.You can find more details and info at the link attached to this story.