Make-A-Wish grants wish for 12-year-old girl

For more than 30 years, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has been granting wishes across the nation for children with life threatening illnesses.

In celebration of World Wish Day, Destiny Mears from Pampa had her wish come true Sunday.

It's unordinary that a 12 year girl old could have a house to call her own, but because of a group of extraordinary people and one wish, Destiny Mears now has her dream tree house.

"Her request was, she wanted a tree house, with a window, a coat rack, a table and chairs," said Wish Granter Shelly Hunsaker.

That wish was granted.

"I wanted something that I could go in everyday, instead of something that would be just a memory," said Wish Recipient Destiny Mears.

Sunday, Destiny received that 'something'. Behind the scenes, it took more than one genie to grant this wish. Companies and individuals all volunteered time, money and resources. Twist-A-Wish who partners with Amarillo's' Make-A-Wish foundation said it's a difficult decision process, but well worth it in the end.

"We try to make it as personal as we can," said Twist-A-Wish Representative Lee Berry. "We try and get involved like this, coming and being here. Watching them grant this little girl a tree house, we try to be a part of it."

The man who built the house along with two others said this type of project is different unlike any other.

"This means something," said Project Carpenter Kevin Redding "She's going to get years of enjoyment out of it."

Without the help of these selfless individuals and Make-A-Wish, Destiny's tree house wouldn't have been possible

"I just want to thank everybody very much for everything," said Destiny's Mother Holly Albert. "It's pretty amazing."

"Thank you everybody for helping with it, because it's amazing and I love it," said Mears.

To make a difference and join the Make-A-Wish Foundation in their efforts, click here.