Make-A-Wish continues to give joy

Jaycee Burney was crowned Little Miss at the 2012 Friona pageant, but this wasn't the first time this year that she was treated like a princess.

"Jaycee went to Disney World in April of 2012 and so that was her number one true wish," said Lilly Walker Make-A-Wish Wish Manager. "So her and her family was able to go there for seven days and six nights, and she got to meet the princesses and just experience a whole other wish."

It didn't stop there, Saturday she was chosen to ride along side of Santa Claus as he made his grand entrance at Westgate Mall.

In April she visited a magical place called 'Give Kids The World' and along with getting dressed like a princess, getting her nails done and eating ice cream 24/7, Jaycee had the trip of a life time.

"We got a special star in the castle and I woke up the sleeping owl, and it gave us a pillow, a special pillow. Whenever you close your eyes you think about it."

Jaycee said she'll remember that trip forever.

Jaycee is also an active, fun loving not so shy first grader that lives with a rare disease that has taken her life for a turn.

"It makes her have the inability to fight yeast throughout her body, she take medication every day for it."

It's so rare that there is only one doctor in the United States that they could go to for help.

In their struggle they still have hope. They monitor the life of Jaycee, but never limit it.

Many of her dreams and wishes are sure to be granted but for now the Make-A- Wish Foundation has already made one come true

"It was the trip of a lifetime, yeah it was."