Mad Scientist Ball at DHDC

Dozens of people enjoyed one of the craziest parties of the year this evening (Oct. 12) at the Don Harrington Discovery Center. And this particular party helps keep the center going, along with all it has to offer the area.

The fifth annual Mad Scientist Ball featured a host of fun science demonstrations, food from every corner of the globe, live music, and two special exhibits. The ball is the Discovery Center's biggest fundraiser of the year, and helps keep intellectual curiosity alive and well in the Texas panhandle. "This institution is pivotal in jump-starting people's interest in science, and we have lots of schoolchildren come here every year," says Executive Director Dr. Aaron Pan. "We had over 20,000 last year - not only from Amarillo, but also from the rest of the Texas panhandle, eastern New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, and the Oklahoma panhandle."
And although many might think of the Discovery Center as primarily a children's museum, touring exhibits like Egyptian mummies and a prehistoric shark are meant to foster human curiosity and a sense of wonder in people of all ages.

"People get to learn the inner genius that's in all of us when they come here to the Discovery Center," says Dr. Pan. "Honestly, it's not just for the curiosity in children; it's for the curiosity in all of us - we're actually here to instill a love of lifelong learning in everybody."

Upcoming events include the Balloon Glow on October 18th, and the Monster Bash on October 25th.

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