Lost Boy sues bounty hunter

On November 17th, 2012 Aguer Gak was in the area of the Cowboy Motel on Amarillo Boulevard when he was attacked by Don Adams, a bounty hunter from Kansas.

Gak says, "When I get out of the car he come up and just shot me. I fall down, he shoot me again."

Gak was tazed twice and pepper sprayed, shackled and chased.

Don Adams received a certificate of completion in bail agent jumping. He was well armed. He had mistaken Gak for his target and was determined to take him back to Kansas.

Witnesses called 911 and the authorities arrived.

Adams was arrested and convicted earlier this year of assault, a Class A Misdemeanor.

Vince Nowak, Gakâ??s attorney, says Adams has never apologized to Gak. "What Iâ??m trying to do with this action against Adams is to prove to Aguer that his fight to survive in Sudan, his blessing to be in America is not for nought. Itâ??s a land of laws, not men. And what happened to him should not happen to anybody."