Losing weight and keeping it off in 2014

If your new years resolution is to lose weight you may want to try a different kind of eating plan than in years past so the weight stays off for good this time!

Registered dietitian Kathy Haugen says often times the most important part of dieting is what you put on your plate.

Her preference is the My Plate diet, which suggests at least half your plate should be fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. Also know the difference between hunger and appetite. Haugen says, "Hunger is when your are truly physiologically hungry and your blood sugar dips and you feel shakey, you want to feed your body. Appetite is when you go to the mall and you smell the cookies being baked, you smell the popcorn at the movie theater, that kind of thing and you eating that because you are attracted, we call that head hunger or appetite, versus true physiologic hunger."

Recent research shows those who exercise while losing the weight have double the success rate at keeping weight off compared to those who try diet alone. Remember weight loss takes time, be patient and good luck in the new year!