Lose the weight without the wait

More people are seeking untradional ways to lose weight.

The perfect body that hour glass figure and continual quest for many Americans but how many of us really have it? The average woman is 5'3" 165 lbs as for the female model she is 5'8" 108 lbs. For average man 5'7' 194 lbs as for the male model 5'11'' 140 lbs

So what are you willing to do to get the body of your dreams? Many are turning to innovative techniques and new technologies take for example ionothermie cellulite reduction.

Licensed Massage Therapist Mike Bedard with Awaken Spa in Amarillo says the results are pretty amazing.

"We see close to 100 percent guarantee you'll loose at least an inch doing a series of 3 up to 6. I put it on your core and its like doing 1,000 crunches in 30 minutes but very intense very deep crunches. You usually up to 3 to 4 inches lost in a series of six but 2 to 3 on a series of 3."

The cost for one treatment $150. To set up your appointment visit!spa-services

CoolSculpting is the latest FDA approved technology to literally freeze the fat right off.

Dr. Michael Dixon says this is a quick way to melt away those unwanted rolls. "This actually kills the fat cells and removes them like liposuction although there is no incisions no asthenia nothing involved but FDA approved very effective."

Dixon says the reason this works is fat cells are more easily damaged and killed by cold than the skin and muscle than any of the other cells so it selectively kills the far and the cells are naturally removed.

One session will show full results after 10 weeks. To find out more visit the link below: