Lose the weight without the gym

Want 2014 to be the healthiest year ever?

You can make a few small changes that will lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and just help you feel good inside, and you don't even have to step foot in a gym!

Physicians say it's really easy to improve the way you feel start by laughing. Doctors at the University of Maryland found when people laughed their blood vessels expanded, causing healthy blood flow.

Adopt an animal! Researchers say pets ward off mental illness and help cut down our stress. A university of Missouri-Columbia study found when obese and sedentary people were given a dog they lost an average of 14 pounds a year, without dieting.

Get some shut eye. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says a good night's sleep can fight off infection, help your memory, and regulate your sugar levels. Sleep experts say not enough sleep can raise your blood pressure, and lead to obesity as well as diabetes.