Los Barrios De Amarillo grant Hispanic graduates scholarships

Thursday evening, Los Barrios De Amarillo celebrated the accomplishments of local Hispanic high school graduates at the Amarillo Civic Center Grand Plaza.

Scholarships are granted and the organization and organization officials said the recipients exemplify dedication and hard work.

"These are going to be the students that really strive to achieve. Some of them are first time high school graduates," said Event Chairman John Salazar. "Some are going to be the first person in their family to attend college."

More than 30,000 dollars was awarded, and the students said a "thank you," just wouldn't be enough.

"I would like to thank them because I'm truly blessed to receive this scholarship, and it's really a blessing," said Future AC Student Isaac Garcia Jr. "It's going to help me out, I think what they're doing is really good."

"I was very excited for basically all the hard work I've done. It finally paid off! So it was a lot of excitement and joy," said Future AC Student Zarai Ruiz.

Students also said receiving these scholarships, would help them break the barriers and achieve success.

"Stereotypes that people put us in, that Hispanic people don't have any chance here in Amarillo, or in the United States," said Future AC Student Adrian Flores. "It is really exciting to be part of this generation, going to college to learn and going to do something in life."

All recipients will attend West Texas A&M University or Amarillo College and Los Barrios De Amarillo said their support won't end with a scholarship.

"We've also started mentoring the students that receive our scholarships," said Salazar. "To try and see how we can help them succeed financially but also by having a mentor in the community."

Los Barrios De Amarillo hosted various fundraisers throughout the year to make the banquet possible.