Locked, loaded and safe: Gun control

In the Panhandle, it's no secret we love our guns, but what do we need to know to stay safe, and under the law?

Panhandle Gunslingers owner Charlissa Stokes preaches the importance of attaining a concealed handgun license if you find it necessary to carry one.

"The Castle doctorine states that you can have a gun in your car and in your home, and that means it can be loaded," she said. "But once you step outside your car you step off your property, so there is a gray area there."

Stay at home Mom KristenMcKaskey promotes carrying a fire arm as well.

"I promote it, I think Moms should protect themselves and if its not a gun a teaser or some pepper spray because you never know."

A CHL class takes 10 hours of training. You can easily find one in the Panhandle for under $150. Above all be safe and know the law.