Local vets react to D.C. outrage

Herb Lewis, WWII veteran.

Itâ??s a nightmare for Washington.

First the government shuts down over politics, and then a public relations nightmare.

Military veterans on the Honor Flight were barred from entering the World War Two Memorial.

But that didnâ??t last long.

They stormed the barricades.

Vietnam Vet Chuck Boykin says, "Took them a little while to do the right thing, but they finally did open it up for them so they could storm in with their wheelchairs and crutches just like they stormed the beaches at Normandy."

World War Two vet, 91-year-old Herb Lewis says "They werenâ??t breaking the law."

The American Legionâ??s Charles Franzel says, "I think itâ??s an abomination. Itâ??s horrible for those people to be treated like that."