Local students react to Obama's speech

More than 60 percent of you, told us on our webpoll, that you would not be sending your student to watch President Obama's speech to school children.

But some parents did, and we caught up with students at Bushland High School who did get to watch the speech, live from Arlington, Virginia.

Bushland Superintendent Don Wood said he decided to leave the decision up to the parents, so students had the option to either go and watch the speech or stay in their classrooms.

The students that we spoke to said that they did not see a reason for controversy, but did have their own opinions.

Junior at Bushland High School, Brett Wilhelm said, "I thought it was good that he came and spoke to the kids. I think it will help kids strive a littler harder in school and do better."

Bushland High School Junior Stanton Coldiron said, "I'm really not a big fan. I mean I don't like how he was talking about 75 years ago we put a man on the moon, and then 20 years ago we have kids making a website--he's talking about it like it's an improvement and I don't really think it is at all."

We also spoke with Amarillo and Canyon ISD's, Canyon decided to not show their students the speech and Amarillo left it up to the teachers discretion.