Local residents reminisce on 50th anniversary of JFK assassination

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Local residents took time to reminisce on what they were doing on Nov. 2, 1963.

Marlene Temple, an Amarillo resident, said she was ironing and watching a cooking show when the news interrupted with information about Kennedy's death.

"We just couldn't believe that something like that had happened and then we were all in shock," said Lloyd Carter, Amarillo resident. He said he still gets emotional when thinking back on that day.

The news of JFK's death was more raw and emotional for Marvin Bender than for most.

Bender and his roommate skipped class at Texas Christian University and went to Ft. Worth to see JFK.

"One of the things I'll never forget about it is how the crowd would push forward when he got close," Bender said.

Bender and his roommate witnessed JFK give what became his last public speech.

"I tease my roommate who was quite a bit shorter than I that if I'd been where he was, I could have shook his hand," Bender said.

They returned to class and then heard the news from a college.

He said it was hard for him to believe because he had seen such a vibrant crowd only hours earlier.

Bender says he wouldn't take back his actions that day for anything.

"You make decisions all your life this is definitely one I'm glad I made," Bender said.