Local reaction to Texas inmates receiving H1N1 vaccine before general public

You may have read or seen reports on how thousands of Texas prison inmates may get the H1N1 vaccine before the general public, so Pronews Seven hit the streets of Amarillo to get opinions on this matter.

"They did what they did, they did their crime, they should be in there punished and the public out here should get the shot before they should," said Jessica Garcia an Amarillo Resident.

"Their choice put them there, so I don't think that we should protect them from all that, the general public should come first before prisoners do," said Johnny Worley of Amarillo.

"If they need the vaccine they need it, I'm not in favor of excluding them from it, but I would just like to see all age groups in particularly if you have to take the time to go sit in line and then can't get it, that doesn't seem fair if they're going to get that to that population before hand," said Robyn Gaston and Amarillo Resident.

In total the Texas prison system has asked for over 1-hundred and fifty thousand vaccines for inmates and around forty-thousand vaccines for correctional officers. Prison Officials say that inmates may get the vaccines as early as next week.