Local phone number being used to scam customers

Police urge local credit union customers to beware of a scam to get credit card numbers.

The Amarillo Police Department is reporting that there is a new scam targeting customers of the Amarillo Federal Community Credit Union and the local 806 area code phone number is being used..

According to a release, the police have received calls from people claiming that they are receiving calls or text messages from a local area code that says their Mastercard has been compromised or locked. Return calls to the number refer the caller to a second number and a recording that asks for a 16 digit credit card number.

Police warn against sharing personal credit card or banking information over the phone or through text messaging. They say banks and credit unions do not ask for your information.

While these types of are common, police say in the release, the use of a 806 area code is not common and some have befallen to the scam.