Local Pastor home from 72-hour trip to Israel

Pastor Stan Cosby from Saint Stephen United Methodist Church recently returned home from Israel. He along with 50 others from the United States went on a 72-hour trip to the front lines of the current unrest in the Middle East. While there he met with Israeli officials and prayed for the people. Interestingly enough, a 72-hour cease fire went into effect as they were heading over and was maintained throughout their trip.

"We felt like God was protecting us," said Pastor Cosby.

They also visited Mount Hertzel, Israel's National Cemetery. Pastor Cosby saw firsthand the memorial for Hadar Goldin, the 23-year-old 2nd Lt. who was killed during the cease-fire negotiated by John Kerry.

Pastor Cosby says while the situation is very complex that Israel just wants peace.

"There won't be peace until the rockets stop flying. Israel wants peace, they are willing for peace, they'll negotiate but not as long as there is a group of people that refuse to make peace," said Pastor Cosby.

Many in the United States agree and hope that the area can find peace soon.

"I really hope and pray that there will be peace there. I just think that the only way peace will happen there is through Jesus, both need to find Jesus," said Amarillo resident, Andrew Leonard.