Local organizations work to fill stomachs and hearts

Volunteers at Grace Church

Many people showed up at local organizations this morning to give back to the community.

"Today we have about 225 volunteers scheduled at different times with different task to help us provide the meal and some are hosts at the table to create conversation, some take the dessert trays around," said Major Harvey Johnson, Salvation Army.

Grace Church had 30 turkeys, 10 brisket, 10 hams, 600 egg rolls, and 25 dozen tamales. They said they will continue to serve the food until it runs out.

Good food is a large part of Thanksgiving, but the mission of local organizations was more than filling bellies.

"We want each person to be instilled with hope that their life is valued, that they count, they're a person of worth and that other people care about them," Johnson said.

"We want them to know that they're loved. That's the whole name of the game," said Jimmy Barnes, Grace Church.