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      Local ministry takes hit after three break-ins

      One local ministry, City of Refuge Ministry, that helps feed the homeless seven days a week is closing in on nearly one million meals in the last 15 years. Within the last six months, however, it's been broken into at least three times.

      "We're a small ministry, we didn't have a lot to take, but they took what we had," Director Casey Dumas said.

      Dumas and a group of volunteers arrive at the ministry everyday by 6 a.m., but already on three separate occasions they've arrived to broken locks and missing equipment. Thieves have taken computers, fax machines and what money theye had in the office. According to Dumas, the items stolen didn't add up to enough in order to file an insurance claim. The ministry not only provides breakfast, but lunch for the homeless in the community. Dumas said eight months out of the year they depend solely on community support, but lately itâ??s been tough.

      "Food prices are going up, and everybody is feeling the strain," Dumas said. "Normally for our fundraiser we'd get anywhere from $18,000-$26,000 in just that one fundraiser, and we're well below that," Dumas said.

      Dumas said the ministry has two major sources of income, "fundraising and a few grants," but the two only help the non-profit stay afloat four months out of the year.

      "We can't just stop," Dumas said. "We serve, and the people we serve they deserve a pat on the back and a, 'Hey, I believe in you.' They are human too."

      Dumas said as far as donations, the ministry is even in need of breakfast items.