Local kids make birthday cards for boy with cancer

Homemade cards by the kids from Imagination Station.

Danny Nickerson, of Foxboro, Massachusetts, will be celebrating his sixth birthday on July 25th. But the little boy, who is currently battling an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, has only asked for one thing for his birthday: birthday cards.

The request went viral on Facebook and sparked an influx of cards to young Danny. Locally, kids at the Imagination Station daycare made homemade cards with decorations like hearts, clowns, and notes.

â??Since itâ??s his birthday, we want to make him feel special,â?? said nine-year-old, Nevaeh Guerra.

â??I want him to have a very, very, very special birthday,â?? said six-year-old, RJ Newell.

Between the combined classes and students, the school will send about 70 cards to Danny. Pre-K teacher, Heidi Foster, said that this time for children is crucial to feel loved and to have friends and family caring for them. Foster was one of the many teachers who asked the kids in her class to create homemade birthday cards for Danny Nickerson.

â??Their whole world right now is their family and their friends and that goes into their self-identity,â?? said Heidi Foster, Pre-K teacher at Imagination Station. â??It breaks my heart because most kids his age want Legos , they want the superhero toys. And all he wants is a card saying that heâ??s not alone, that people are out there thinking of him.â??

Six-year-old Lily Craig drew a heart with wings on the back of her card. She said the heart represented an angel and to her, angels love all people and it was a picture of Godâ??s love.

â??I made it to help Danny feel better,â?? said Lily.

Despite the severity of Dannyâ??s situation, many of the kids had the same answer for what they would do if they ever met Danny Nickerson.

â??I would hug him a lot,â?? said Guerra.

Inside his card, Malachi Daugherty wrote, â??I know I donâ??t know you, but hearing about you makes me want to find you and hug you forever.â??

Everyone here at Pronews 7 wishes Danny a Happy Early Birthday!