Local Internet Companies taking off

Post-a-shirt-dot-com isnâ??t your grandfatherâ??s t-shirt store. The name gives it away. Itâ??s based in Amarillo. They manufacture the shirts here, but they sell them potentially anywhere in the world.

Owner Josh Mezel won a WTAMU Enterprise Challenge check last year. "Our true store front is e-commerce. Anyone has the ability to create a design for a T-shirt and make it available through an app or the website."

Texas Fatback Trading Company is also available everywhere, but itâ??s based in Canyon.

Shayne Mays runs it with his wife. "Weâ??ve only had the website open for a year and a half. Itâ??s coming right along."

Matt Darbyâ??s website isnâ??t quite up yet, but when it is, heâ??ll be marketing his product to the world.

He created and will market Speed Silks.

He won a WTAMU Enterprise Challenge check this year.

Darby says, "Speed Silks is an equine jockey uniform. It covers them head to toe in an aerodynamic fabric."

He says he understand the value of internet marketing. "It basically costs the same to market on the World Wide Web to the City of Amarillo as it does to the entire planet."