Local gunshop owner reacts to White House proposals

Photo Credit: File photo

The Department of Justice is holding meetings starting March 15 to discuss current policies toward guns and gun owners as an exchange of ideas...while opponents are concerned the administration may be side-stepping the legal chain of command.

The Administration is reportedly looking specifically at a three-pronged approach: enforcing laws already on the books, including background checks... expediting those checks and the release of relevant data.

Most gun owners agree there's a need for responsible ownership but some are concerned that the administration is going outside the lines to push new legislation that should be debated in Congress.

Bill Howell, owner of Pro Shooters says there needs to be debate to tackle the gun control laws, but he believes it needs to be done in Congress and they need to stick to the issues.

"Talking about it in a polite professional manner to get something done...but screaming and yelling you see on the House floor, doesn't accomplish anything when that happens. We're only hurting ourselves and delaying finding the solution to the problem we have with people using firearms to commit crimes."

The principal debate is reported to center around the application of background-check standards to private dealers, such as at gun shows.