Local girl wins archery World Cup

Erika Anschutz won the World Cup at an international archery tournament in Istanbul as she represented the stars and stripes.

Anschutz has competed in archery since she was a little girl. A native of Nebraska, she first learned how to shoot from her father who competed on a local level. Anschutz entered her first national tournament at the age of seven, her first international tournament at 13 and went pro at 16.

Since then, she has earned more than 160 national records and more than 20 world records.

"I'm only number two in the country because I didn't have as great of tournaments in the US as I did outside (the country)," Anschutz said. "And, so, I can always improve on the domestic level now. That's what I'm going to be working towards."

When asked why she chose archery rather than a more common sport, Anschutz said she enjoys the personal competition that comes with the bow and arrow.

"It's not really a team sport. It's you competing against yourself, you're competing to see how you can progress, how much better you can do the next time. And, so, I think that's really what I like about it is I have to rely on myself and I don't have to rely on others."

Archery season is January through September. Anschutz is looking forward to taking a break and putting some focus on planning for her wedding that takes place next year. The break will also give her time to continue working on her Master's degree in forensic psychology.

However, time is sure to pass quickly, and with the start of the new year comes the Indoor World Trials. Anschutz has set her mind to becoming number one in the country and remaining number one in the world.

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