Local firefighters install free smoke detectors

According to the Centers for Disease Control, thousands of people die in house fires in the U.S. every year, and many of those deaths might have been prevented by a simple smoke alarm.

So in honor of Fire Prevention Week, our own local firefighters are pushing to reach their goal of having a smoke detector in every home in Amarillo with the help of the Insurance Council of Texas. Earlier today, our local fire departments and the ICT announced this year's "We're Out to Alarm Texas" campaign. Each year, the ICT distributes thousands of free smoke alarms to cities around the state, and firefighters install the alarms and inspect homes for fire hazards totally free of charge.
The Canyon Fire Department says 73% of all rural house fires happen in homes without smoke detectors.

"Smoke alarms in the home are very important, says AFD Deputy Fire Marshal John Woodward. "Of course, we want to prevent any fire that could occur in a home, but in those circumstances that a fire still occurs, and when it occurs, we want the occupants to be alerted as soon as possible so that they can safely leave the home without being injured or trapped."

If you'd like to find out if you qualify for a free smoke detector, you can contact the Amarillo Fire Department at 378-4238.

You can also learn more about the role of our local fire marshals and the Insurance Council of Texas at the links attached to this story.