Local family faces persistent issues with a rented house

Robert Hayes and his family have been living in their rented home without heat, running water or electricity.

Hayes said he moved into the house in September and problems first started arising in October. The electricity went out on his front and back porch, and the bathrooms.

Starting in mid-January, Hayes said their heater stopped working. He contacted the property manager several times, but the problems persisted.

"My wife lost a job because the electricity went outâ?¦.She was late every day for two weeks straight. Her boss fired her. It wasn't my wife's fault," Hayes said.

David Velasquez owns the property and tells Pronews 7 he's been doing his part to contact people to fix the issues in the house.

Velasquez said there has been proper communication between Hayes about when the water, heater and electricity will be fixed.

"This is when I checked to try to get the plumber overâ?¦He said he was swamped, that he maybe could tomorrow. And so I said ok, go ahead," Velasquez said while showing us the text messages on his phone.

He said it's been difficult to get work done in a timely manner because of the high demand.

"What we have is a situation when we have a lot of cold, like this. Plumbers â?¦ they're just simply swamped," Velazquez said.