Local Democrats excited about new statewide initiative

Leaders of the Democratic Party in Potter and Randall Counties are thrilled about Battleground Texas.ã??

The new initiative promises to turn the state blue. A grassroots effort will commence in about two dozen counties in the state which will target the Hispanic vote and also try to enlist Hispanic leadership. Potter and Randall Counties may be among the counties chosen.ã??

Sylvia Perkins, the District 31 Democratic Chair says, "Battleground Texas is grassroots. Thatâ??s what it is. You start with the County Chairs, your Precinct Chairs and build excitementâ?¦Word of mouth is so important to us."ã??

Newly elected Potter County Chair Gentry Powell says itâ??s possible to turn the state blue. "We just have to get together and work to get a bunch registered and inform them what they need to know when they go to the polls."ã??

Randall County Chair Jann Allen agrees. "We represent the diverse population in this town and these counties and itâ??s exciting weâ??ll see some changes in our party and hopefully throughout our state in the next few elections." Randall County Republican Chair John Tyson says it will be an uphill climb.