Local contractors to renovate parts of Martha's Home

The Martha's Home renovation will include a new kitchen, laundry and restroom.

In 20 years, what was first known as Martha's Home 2, is getting back to its original glow with a nearly $50,000 renovation project.

The project, taken on by Re-Bath of Amarillo, is already in phase one.

"We're actually doing a full tear-out of the kitchen today," Re-Bath President Henry Wall said. "Then we're going to start back with new floors, new cabinets, new counter tops, the whole nine yards."

Martha's Home Development Director Mary Kay Kuhrts said, the non-profit organization has a standard to live up to when it comes to providing homeless women with children homes.

"We don't want this to be a shelter for women," Kuhrts said. "We want this to be their home."

According to Kuhrts the other three homes have all been remodeled, but Martha's Home 2 left in the shadows.

"Tearing out everything is step one," Wall said. "At this point we reveal any big issues there might be, but it remains to be unseen if anything we might run into as far as the rebuilding goes."

Wall said, there are multiple contractors donating supplies to the project, and that the final product will be nothing less than beautiful.

"When I asked these people they never hesitated, they just said, 'Let's do it,'" Wall said.