Local Construction Company looks to donate roof to a family of a veteran

H & W Construction will donate a complete roof to the family of a soldier who was killed or wounded in service.

For the month of July, the company will be accepting stories from the families and will chose one family at the end of the month to donate the roof to.

â??I would like to impact those families in some way and this is the best way I know how. Iâ??m a roofer so,â?? said owner of H & W Construction, Jonathan Wilson.

Wilson and his wife were both active in the military and wanted to find a way to give back to fellow vets and their families in need the best way they know how.

â??We served and it was a big part of our lives and will always be for us,â?? said Wilson. â??Some other people have served and arenâ??t as blessed as we are so weâ??re hoping to be able to give something back to them.â??

Wilson said he knows first-hand what itâ??s like for veterans and their families when they come back home.

â??Weâ??ve been around a lot of families that have been impacted and itâ??s something we want to be able to give back so weâ??re looking forward to reading stories,â?? said Wilson.

Homeowners that meet the criteria are encouraged to submit their stories with the following information:


-Address of home needing roof

-Phone Number

-Email address

-Name of your veteran and the approximate dates of service

-Information about your family and the service of your veteran

-Confirmation that you are homeowner and not renting

-Permission to post your name and/or pictures online if selected

To submit your stories you can send an email to: or mail your story to:

Jonathan Wilson

H & W Construction

207 N. Tyler

Amarillo, TX 79107

At the end of the month, they will be selecting one family that they will be able to help.

For more information, visit