Local businesses prepare for St. Patrickâ??s Day

As the city of Amarillo gets ready to paint the town green for St. Patrick's Day Sunday, local businesses are also preparing for the big day.

Mulligan's Sports Pub is just one of a very small number of Irish pubs in the area. For them, St. Patrick's Day is a big event. "St. Patty's day is definitely the biggest day of the year for Mulligans," said Brad Pack. He states that they stocked up on all the beer, especially green beer. Pack also states that they provide free cab service to help people get home safely. "We're just trying to be fully prepared for the big day."

At another Irish pub not too far away, Beef O' Brady states that they are always prepared for St. Patrick's Day all year long. "There's not really much preparation other than getting in the green beer," said Brandi Escoto. For them, green beer is always a big seller. "Everybody loves it," said Escoto.

No matter where you may end up, local businesses in Amarillo are prepared to not only set the town green but also bring in the green on St. Patrick's Day.