Local boxing gym gives back to the community

One local boxing trainer and his students have done their best over the last couple of weeks to collect as many donated groceries as they could to give to local families in need during the holidays.

Jody Parades and his fighters worked hard to collect as many groceries for this years sixth annual Boxers Allied to Combat Hunger (BATCH).

"This year we've raised enough food to at least feed 10 families and that groceries all with the child in mind," said Owner/ Operator, Jody Paredes. "We have macaroni and cheese, ravioli, instant oatmeal, Ramen noodles, canned soup, cereal, canned fruit, something that would keep the children in mind, so they can feed themselves when mom and dad are away from home."

What started as a turkey drive has transformed, over the last three years, into what it is today, but who will be the beneficiary of all these groceries?

"Glenwood School is adjacent to us so, we're going to help some families that we have chosen within the past few weeks."

The food was delivered Wednesday on Thanksgiving eve, just in time for the holidays.

"One thing my father would say, not all kids can be a champion in that ring, but we can make them champions of character. We just think that our fight, we fight for those who can't, and i instill into the kids that we have a moral obligation to help other."

Parades says he plans to continue his batch project for years to come.

The BATCH project serves more than 40 kids a year and parades says he hopes to have even more help next year so they can help feed as many kids as possible.