Local bank accounts compromised

Many of the customers at the People's Federal Credit Union woke up wondering what was happening to their money.

Over the holiday weekend, thieves created phony debit cards and have been spending customers' money all across the U.S.

The lines at the People's Federal Credit Union on Hillside were longer than normal Monday as customers were told they'd have to sign up for a new account. That's after hackers started creating and using phony debit cards over the long three-day weekend, according to the Marketing Manager, Kenja Purvey.

"These criminals are advanced and they know the first few digits of our debit cards and they have a computer generate the other numbers and if they don't get a hit saying it's an invalid number, then they have a good number," Purvey said.

As word spread, so did the rumors about people being left cashless or accounts nearly wiped out but the Credit Union is setting up new accounts and replacing any stolen money. Customers' sensitive and personal information, including pin numbers or codes on the back of the debit cards were not breached and they already have safeguards in place to stop any more thefts.

"Taking care of our members is our first priority and that's what we're doing," Purvey said. "Cancel your debit card, call the 800-number on the back of your card and come in. Fill out a little paperwork and we'll get your money back in and get you rolling. Tranasactions outside the state of Texas will require users to use their pin number to make sure it's a legitimate transaction."

Amarillo Police say this kind of crime is becoming more prevalent across the nation, though it's not very common here yet.

"I'm not sure we've seen too much of this, to acutally have someone go in and hack an account,,,we've really hardly ever seen it if at all,", recalled Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department.

Federal law enforcement is expected to be called in to investigate, due to nature of credit unions and banks and since the majority of the crimes took place outside of Texas.

If you're a People's Federal Credit Union member and have a debit card, here's the toll free number for you to call: 1-800-523-4175 to cancel your card and then go to any People's branch to receive a new card and restore any funds.

Pronews 7 has received many emails and phone calls about a security compromise at the People's Federal Credit Union.

While the details are still sketchy, we have confirmed the Amarillo Police Department is working multiple theft cases stemming from the compromise. This story is developing, we will update as we get new information.

People's Federal Credit Union released the following statement on its Facebook.

"We have learned that there has been a breach on our debit card system and some members have had unauthorized debit transactions posted to their accounts. If you have had unauthorized debit postings on your account, call 800-523-4175 and cancel your debit card. Then come in to your TPFCU branch and we will get you a new debit card and restore any funds to your account. Thank you for your continued trust in TPFCU."