Local bands jam to raise hundreds of books for children

Musician Jack Mustard plans to collect 100 books each day suited for elementary school students.

A musical festival, organized by a local musician, aims to place a book in the hands of every elementary school child by summer.

Local musician Jack Mustard said the 10 bands may take center stage, but the goal behind them is what seems to be the lucky charm.

"At this point I just want to overwhelm the system with so many books," Mustard said.

After witnessing child-after-child leave a Puckett Elementary School book-fair without a book, Mustard decided to use his musical talents to create change.

Mustard said recruiting bands for the event was not a problem. "Too many bands, and not enough books in this community for kids," he said.

Mustard contacted local book clubs and school districts to see how local musicians could really make a difference. He said all it took was a Facebook post in order for friends and friends of his friends to respond with bags of books. In one month Mustard collected nearly 2,000 books.

He said at first his mission was to get books in homes. Now on a bigger platform, he wants more books in the classrooms.

"That's the goal," Mustard said. "To get as many books to the kids that want to learn, want to dream, want to take a book home."

Call 806-626-8533 for more information on how to donate.