Local author to donate book money for hunger relief

Author Jere Ellison plans to donate $2 to the High Plains Food Bank for every verified book review True Nature receives.

One author in Amarillo is trying to attack the issue of hunger one book review at a time.

Jere Ellison is a West Texas A&M University graduation admissions coordinator, and the author of the novel True Nature.

"It's a zombie book ,but it's not your normal zombie book, the focus is more on the family," Ellison said.

Ellison said themes throughout parts of the novel mirror a real life issue he's now trying to address; hunger.

"Basically I'm just trying to give my money away, and I'm looking for people to help me do that," Ellison said.

He said he's volunteered at the High Plains Food Bank, and has learned the issue of hunger has nothing to do with lack of food, but the about availability to get it to those individuals.

After volunteering to spend one night at the Salvation Army, Ellison decided to start this project. So during the month of May, every reader who purchases True Nature online and leaves a review, Ellison will then donate $2 to the food bank.

"I basically took the bull by the horns, called them (food Bank) and said I'm going to do this," Ellison said. "They can always use donations, and every little bit counts."

True Nature costs $4 online, but the review is free, and Ellison only has two weeks before he cuts the High Plains Food Bank a check.