Local artists talk about Panhandle Spirit

"The Prophet" is standing with raised arms at Taylor and 11th greeting those driving southbound out of Amarillo.

It was created by artist Lightninâ?? McDuff, who says, "Religion is a big part of the Panhandle. Iâ??m trying to catch a little of that."

McDuff has another piece, "Community", that sits at 2nd and Polk.

He says itâ??s a kid-friendly work, designed to let people touch and interact. He says many times kids are told "donâ??t touch the artwork" but McDuff says they can freely interact with his work.

He and Ann Crouch were part of the Lost Circus artistic movement that emerged in Amarillo in the sixties and seventies.

The Cadillac Ranch is associated with that movement.

Crouch took the old Sunset Center Mall and has made it into an artistic mecca.

Crouch is doing abstracts now. She says "I think we have a spirit you donâ??t find in some parts of the country. People are friendly."

At the Process Art House on 7th, Jacob Breeden and Andrew Scott DeJesse are setting up for the opening of the new show, In Reset, Friday night.

DeJesseâ??s work is realistic, but atmospheric. He says, "Panhandle history can be hard to come by. Itâ??s a bit veiled."

Breeden says heâ??s converting found objects into sacred objects by creating art.