Living with juvenile diabetes

When Grant Denny was just two and a half years old his parents noticed he was always thirsty. They did not think much of it until they also noticed he was acting very tired.

The Bushland couple later learned little Grant had type one diabetes.

Grant seems like a typical five-year old. But he is battling a serious disease.

"I'm diabetic," said Grant.

What does that mean?

"It means that I have to not eat too much sugar," he said.

Grant's parents have to monitor everything that goes into his body. It is an undertaking that is often painful for Grant.

"When my momma pokes me, puts my pump in, it hurts," said Grant.

Of course it has also been difficult for his parents.

"I would say that is the most devastating news a parent could get is finding out that your child has this disease and at two and a half it was just a really devastating thing to find out," said Grant's dad Steven.

"My actual thought was how long will he live?" said Grant's mom Mellessa.

They often lose sleep and spend time in their day just thinking and worrying about his health especially now that he has started kindergarten.

"At lunch time I'm thinking,OK I'm not going to go get lunch, I'm not going to go somewhere I'm going to wait right here and make sure that if there's a problem they'll call me," said Mellessa.

The risks with diabetes are high: blindness, heart and kidney problems and worse.

"If his (blood sugar) runs low we run the risk of him being in a diabetic coma or possibly even death. That's a fairly immediate thing that could happen so it's a pretty scary thing to think about what might be going on in this little boy's room," said Steven.

Grant knows the serious nature of his disease but he is still very much a kid.

"I like bubble gum," said Grant. "But I don't get bubble gum. I don't even know how to make a bubble with gum."

Grant's family will participate in an upcoming walk to raise money for a cure for diabetes.

"One day I went to somewhere where people were raising money so I don't have to have a pump anymore," said Grant.

The walk to cure diabetes is Saturday, September 13th.

To find out how to sign up or to donate go to

Grant's team is called The Grantsters.