Little Brother Oscar looking for a Big Brother

For the next month, we're going to introduce you to a new waiting child in the big brothers big sisters organization.

These kids all go to Emerson elementary and that's where we caught up with and interviewed each one about joining the program...and we begin tonight with Oscar.

Get used to seeing these four kids. For the next month, we'll profile each one and their efforts to get matched up with a big. We'll start with 10 year old Oscar...who is more than ready to get a big brother.

"I've been in the program last year and this year, and sometimes you have to wait for years, and was hoping my sister (laughingly) would be a boy.

He has two sisters, one older and one younger and that can be difficult for a young man.

"It's boring...they don't want to play with ma, it's boring."

He says after school he does homework, plays with his dog and a couple friends in the neighborhood..

"We have a club house, we play in it, we paint's crazy."

But, Oscar doesn't have much influence from older guys in his life...

"My uncle helps me sort out problems"

So he needs that special volunteer to step up and become his big brother.

"It's lonely with my sisters, I'd rather have a brother."

In fact, all these kids and dozens more want only that...a big brother or big sister... and Oscar will be waiting.

For more information on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Amarillo, click here or call 251-2210