Little Brother Jamar is hoping to find a Big Brother

School's back in session, and with that, the classes, homework, and extracurricular activities most kids tackle every day. But some kids will also experience some loneliness -- needing a mentor in their life in the form of a big brother or sister.

Now, meet Jamar who is hoping to take his name off that list soon.

Two young men, sitting side by side at Mr. Gatti's, racing each other on a virtual video game.

This is Jamar and his twin brother Lamar having a little fun over at Mr. Gatti's. We'll meet Lamar next week as he's also on the waiting list.

8 year old Jamar is in 3rd grade and says like most kids, he has his likes and dislikes about school. He really likes math but doesnt' care too much for reading.

His spare time between homework and doing anythign else is usually filled with the same thing just about every little brother loves to do. (Video games)

"Video Games"

"I thought you said you like to get out side and do stuff?"

"After video games. Then when I get bored, I go out with my friends and Lamar and we play nerf guns...left for dead."

And when he's through playing video games, you can probably find him working out as he's very involved in Karate.


"Have you taken a test yet?"

"I'm a yellow stripe."

"I am very impressed, young sensei."

"I had to break a board."

He has a host of friends at school and he and Lamar are best of friends so having someone his own age to hang out is no problem, it's finding that elusive big brother that is all too often elusive.

And until that person is found, Jamar will be waiting.

For more information about Big Brothers/Big Sisters, call 351-2210. A very special thanks to Mr. Gatti's staff for their help with our Waiting Child segment.

BB/BS Is a non profit organization.