Liquor stores, dry cleaners are among businesses that see a spike in holiday sales

There are obvious businesses that benefit from shopping this time of year. Stores that participate in Black Friday see spikes in business, but there are less obvious places that get a lot of attention this time of year.

Liquor stores see an increase in sales during the holiday season.

"The season starts building now and it just gets bigger and bigger all the way to Christmas Eve and that's usually one of our biggest, if not the biggest day," said Charles Leard, M&R Liquor.

Leard said wine and liquor are the most popular during this time of year. There is not much of a demand for beer.

The colorful wine and tables of food bring an increased chance for accidents, which is why dry cleaners also see an increase in business.

"For grandma, you've got to look good. So they break out their best... There's cranberry sauce, and Jell-O delights of all different colors and they end up down the frontâ?¦or the sleeves through the mashed potatoes," said Steve Tunnell with Chaparral Cleaners.

Tunnell said business picks up around first snowfall. The most commonly dry cleaned piece of clothing this time of year are sweaters.