Lions Club treats Boys Ranch kids to $200 shopping spree

25 kids from the Cal Farley's Boys Ranch with a $200 shopping spree, means a full dayâ??s work for the Texas Panhandle Lions Club.

There's the Lions Club that has sponsored the annual Lions Coat and Shoe Event for more than 40 year, and then there's the Leo clubs.

Leo President, Nikki Juarez said, "Leo clubs is the high school branch. We're just a little branch that teaches us how to be, what it is to have leadership experience."

The Texas Panhandle area Lions Club reaches out to kids from the Boys Ranch every year for the event. This year the club focused on getting its younger club members to think about ways to give back to the community.

"The Leo Club is a wonderful aid to the Lions Club," Lions Club member, James Anderson, said. "It gives them the opportunity to get out and learn about serving the public, serving others, because that's what's really important in life, service."

Gavin Kime is a member of the Boys Ranch, and this year he came prepared with a list of goodies. His first stop...dress shoes.

"We're shopping for winter stuff basically, some stuff that I need, and some stuff that I want," Kime said.

For the Lions Club, it's really about seeing younger generations getting involved and making it last.

"We treat them like our little brothers and sisters, like how we're supposed to love them, and every time we talk with them we have fun interactions with them," Juarez said.