Lions Club takes 45 children from Cal Farley's shopping

The generosity of the community continues to help those in need.

The Lions Club and Sears helped put smiles on the faces of 45 Amarillo kids.

As the holiday's approach us, the panhandles spirit is beginning to shine.

Sunday the Lions Club district 2-T1 spent the day with children of Cal Farley's.

"For more than 40 years the Lions Club has brought our boys and girls mainly from Cal Farley's Boys Ranch out to shop for coats, shoes and other items they need," said Susan Brooks CFBR VP of Marketing/Development

For some of the children Sunday was the first time to have experienced shopping at a store like Sears.

They were able to spend a total of 235 dollars each.

It was no surprise seeing the excitement on their faces.

"The kids enjoy this," said Brooks. "It's a real treat for them to come to Amarillo. One of the more important things is that our boys and girls are always so encouraged when they see that people from the community really believe in them, care for them and want to provide for them today and for their futures."

Cal Farley's has been around for 73 years and say they can only provide the programs they do because of the generosity of people like the Lions Club and the commitment that clubs and individuals give to their program

The children from Cal Farley's bought clothing and shoes and other necessities. The total amount spent today was more than ten thousand dollars