Lilia Escajeda puts her name in the city commissioner hat

With a number of city officials stepping down in Amarillo, it only means that others need to step up.

Today Lilia Escajeda did just that.

Escajeda will be running for the place three on the city commission, a place that has been help by Ron Boyd for the last six years.

She has held many elected positions, most recently on the TIRZ board.

A spot she says she will step down from to persue her candidacy.

"I've been waiting to do this for a long time and thought about it and then in the few months I've said yeah I need to start thinking about this, and I think I have the requirements to fill this and because I've been working with people all my life and I really enjoy doing that," said Lilia Escajeda, City Commissioner Candidate.

When asked what changes she intends to make for the city, she says she is not quite sure yet, but plans to face any challenges that the community has.