LIFESTAR celebrates twenty years

Most people who are in need of emergency care want medical attention immediately. LIFESTAR provides that medical care and transportation, saving precious time and in the air.

The helicopter critical care hospital service celebrated 20 years of business in the Panhandle August 15, 2013, as they started their celebration with landing two of their helicopters.

A flight nurse, flight respiratory therapist, pilot, mechanic, and communication specialist make up the LIFESTAR crew, who attend to their patients while safely transporting them to the proper hospital.

Flight nurse and paramedic, Michael Wiggs said being on the helicopter crew is hard work, but worth all the effort.

"Where I'm able to really get satisfaction out of my job is when you get to go up and you get to see somebody that's recovered from a big trauma or somebody that's just recovered from cardiac arrest, and you realize that you've actually been able to be a part of their recovery," said Wiggs "It makes the job all worth it."

While people gathered at Northwest Texas Hospital to celebrate the work of the emergency helicopters, pilots Doug Cohn and Dennis Baker said they love their jobs because they can help bring a full crew to those in need.

"I think it's the combination of the love of flying and the love of helping people. In this job you kind of get to put them both together." said Baker

Cohn agreed and said, "Being up in the sky is a much better office than being on the ground."

LIFESTAR services to a 160 mile region.